Agricultural Products

We provide high value exportation of Fresh fruits, vegetables and Produces, we mostly do all across the agricultural and agro-processed products such as Cereals and Grain, Matooke, chillies, Red papers, Mangoes, Passion fruits, bananas, apples, yam, simsim, nuts, etc.

We provide training of modern agricultural practises to farmers across all  stages of farming and harvest handling in order to have quality products ready for Export. we export to Europe, Asia and America.

Coffee Growing; We  also grow Robusta Coffee in Luweero, we have 50 acres and more land of coffee, we sale to the local processors in Uganda and Kenya.

We are looking at expanding our activities of coffee growing by acquiring some  our coffee processing machineries in order to add value to the raw coffee beans, which will earn us more money. We hope to purchase our machines in America and Europe.